August 2009

On Silver Dollar Pancakes

August 7, 2009

To my great surprise, I found a website for a restaurant called Silver Dollar Pancake House. To my great dismay, it’s in Corona, which I found upon further research is in southern California. I’m in Minnesota. Still. I have a brother in Oceanside and an open invitation to visit. Would I go all the way to Oceanside to then go all the way to Corona (dare I do the math?) just to eat the silver dollar pancakes at Silver Dollar Pancake House? I just might.

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The Lovely Ordinary

August 6, 2009

What is larger than life than this? The sun is setting; I have made a breakfast of bread and milk for the morning, my dog is lying by the front door, Geoff is reading on the steps above me, for I am sitting on the stairway in order to be near the west window. It is quiet. The sky is rose. And it is always all that we have…this moment, and it is enough.

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