Saffron and meAn unlikely seminarian, I like to “use my words” in writing and tangling with life. I occasionally observe the actual northern lights on predawn walks with my German shepherd. I often carry a camera around, so the photographs on the site are from my own stock, unless otherwise noted.

Update: It is time that I changed this picture and story. My German shepherd, given the unlikely name ‘Saffron’ by the group who rescued her and from whom I adopted her, died over a year ago. Though I never knew her exact age, she was probably about 12, which is about the age when shepherds tend to go. There is another rescue dog who lives with me now, Gilbert, his named slightly revised by me from the moniker ‘Gilligan’ given to him by the rescue group. We haven’t seen the northern lights together yet — Gilbert is a late sleeper and I have been off my game for a while. But we will. We will see them. I can’t bring myself to change the picture yet, so maybe I’ll just add a photo of Gilbert and me when I get one.